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Sargasso: McKell Gun Concept

L&L Sargasso Gun Design Color.jpg

For those gun nerds out there, we decided to give a peek at the gun’s concept design to better relay that, no, this gun is not historically accurate. Purposefully, it’s a gun out of its time. Hopefully it hurts your brain like it did ours to design. 8’D
FOR THE GUN NERDS: The basics of what we got here is a 3-motion bolt action rifle that uses an inverted hammer and frizzen to fire a standard musket ball from a detachable cartridge. Things that help with distance and aim are a 35 inch hexagonal barrel with inner rifling, made from a heavy mix of copper, tin and zinc, creating a gunmetal vastly ahead of its time; the stock is made from a Japanese Walnut from Sakhalin, split with an iron wedge for better kickback shock absorbance. The patchbox reveals this gun is clearly a custom, as its unique signature name is Sargasso.