Longitudes and Latitudes

A Yaoi-pirate webcomic

Longitudes and Latitudes is a free webcomic that includes homoerotica, heavy language, and graphic violence. It is intended for a mature 18+ audience.

Print: Plague Doctor A

Plague Doctor A
Plague Doctor A

Print: Plague Doctor A


Like all towns during the pirate era, Andrew's home in Liverpool suffered from outbreaks of the plague. It would be hard to imagine that he and his well-educated, doctoral family would not partake in aiding their neighborhood boil popping. 

What gives for the blood? Fun fact: "Bleeding" a person was one of the most used remedies for ailments back in the day, including fever, hysteria and - you guessed it - the good ole black plague.

Off from a hard day of watching his neighbors inevitably die, Andrew relaxes back at home. 8D

All prints are printed on high quality 100 lb glossy cover paper and measure approximately 8.5" x 11". 

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