Longitudes and Latitudes

A Yaoi-pirate webcomic

Longitudes and Latitudes is a free webcomic that includes homoerotica, heavy language, and graphic violence. It is intended for a mature 18+ audience.

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Product Changes


It hasn't become national news yet, but as of April, Longitudes and Latitudes has signed on and become an entity with Less Than Three Press, a wonderful publishing company you may have heard of. This is fantastic! You may clap now.

They display some truly fabulous works on their webpage, so please check out all the yummy Yaoi goodness that can be found at this button here: 

SO! What does this mean? For those that have been following us from the beginning, you know that we have been self-published for some time, which means our two man team has been dealing with the comic creation, the editing, the printers, the merch, the advertising and customer service all on our lonesome (*cue collective "AWE!"*). Now we are able to delegate a lot of that to the very helpful people of LT3. 

Yo-ho, what does this mean for YOU? It means that you, as viewers, are going to be given much more opportunity while following or purchasing the L&L pirate comic. LT3 will be able to offer L&L in a new format (some of you may have noticed you received different looking books than before), with brand new covers, in a variety of languages and without errors! Also, you will be able to find L&L featured in more comicons, as well as other online locations for purchase. 

And, VERY IMPORTANTLY, Longitudes and Latitudes will now be able to offer THE FULL NOVELS IN eBOOK FORMAT through the LT3 webpage!! Yaaaaay!

With all this going on, we are very excited to have you guys taking this crazy step into a better comic and a more available setting. So check them out and cruise our new site. 

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L&L Team

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